Fax for Businesses

Fax Unplugged, switched on an ever changing now offers you, the business or business owner in South Africa, a new level of fax to email business solutions that have yet to be offered by other fax to email companies in South Africa.

Benefits of fax to email for businesses?

  • Individuals who work from home
  • Individuals who want to save money on faxing
  • Individuals who work for companies but don’t have the luxury of a fax machine in their office
  • Individuals who would like a personalised fax number

This fax to email business offering  is the fax to email offering for companies. This offering is the perfect fax solution for companies.

Industries that benefit from using fax to email

For entrepreneurs looking to combine fax to email for business the prospect might seem a little daunting especially if you don’t know where to start. The good news is that if you know your business and you know your customers, you already have the means to start with Fax Unplugged’s email to fax solutions.

When you leave your desk you will now be able to increase your productivity – travelling for business is nothing new, but real mobility and the tools that are needed for this have made it a lot easier, faster and cheaper to be on the road than ever before. Despite the plethora of devices and applications that are now available to many companies in the small to medium business sector, most do not take full advantage of what is available to them, despite spending untold amounts on travelling for business.

For many employees mobility means having a laptop, yet typically you will find that just one or two of the senior execs in the company are using a combination of laptops, tablets and smartphones. With ubiquitous computing becoming the tool of choice for business in SA, fax to email is a must for businesses.

Your entire sales force should be equipped with access to fax to email which would give the team access to applications and tools while they are out in the field. Communication is all-important for your entire company and the odds of reaching a lead increases 100% if the lead is contacted immediately rather than half an hour after the lead has been generated – the same applies to faxes being accessed immediately, which increases efficiency by 100%.

Every mobile device fulfils a specific function but know that they do not replace each other. The business fax to email solution makes it possible for workers to leverage all the possibilities offered.

Fax to email for companies from Fax Unplugged is the perfect FREE business tool.

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