Fax to Email FAQ

Q. Is receiving faxes (Fax2Email) really free ? Will it stay a FREE service ?

A. Its 100% free to receive faxes on a Fax Unplugged fax number.

NOTHING. This service will remain FREE and there is no limit to the number and size of faxes received.

Q. Is sending faxes via email also free?

A. Email to Fax is available, unfortunately it’s NOT FREE,  Email2Fax is a prepaid service .this to purchase credits please see ( link to email to fax page)

Q. If this is free how can you provide me with a sustainable service?

A. Fax Unplugged earns revenue through a rebate system from Telkom for calls made to the allocated numbers. This revenue is sufficient for Fax Unplugged to support our managed fax service at no charge to the end user, yet still delivering a corporate level service.

Q. Can my number receive calls from anywhere?

A. YES faxes can be received from outside of South Africa. The sender will need to use the international dialing code i.e. sending to fax number 0865209653 from outside of SA will require the sender to dial  0027865209653

Q. If I take a Fax Unplugged fax number and don’t use it will it remain available?

A. We reserve the right to reclaim a number if there has been no usage for 60-days. You will receive a warning email prior to the number being reclaimed. As long as you receive at least one fax every 60-day the number will remain yours.

Q. Do I need to install any special software?

A. the FAX is sent to you as a PDF attached to an email. Most operating systems have a default viewer application installed and therefor there is no additional hardware or software require.

Q. How long do I have to wait for a number?

A. There’s no delay. As soon as you have completed the sign up form link to create fax number, the number is allocated to your email address and activated so that you are ready to receive faxes. You should receive a welcome email confirming your fax number almost immediately.

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