Home Fax Solutions

Fax Unplugged now present to you a new level of home fax solutions that have yet to be offered by other companies in South Africa.

We have two solutions that alleviate the need for a fax machine at home;

  1. Home fax to email
  2. Home email to fax

What are the benefits?

  • Individuals who work from home
  • Individuals who want to save money on faxing
  • Individuals who work for companies but don’t have the luxury of a fax machine in their office
  • Individuals who would like a personalised fax number

If this is the perfect fax solution for you and your home, signup today.

Other benefits to our home fax solution?

  1. How fax to email archiving can save you time and money
  2. Why you need to secure your home fax solution
  3. How fax to email is making your home more eco-friendly

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