Fax to email for Mozambique coming soon!

Small and medium enterprises (SME’s) form an important part of the economy in Mozambique. These SME’s contributed quite substantially to the country’s budget in 2003 and 2004 (sadly more recent stats are difficult to come by) and currently employ at least 67% of the formal sector workforce. It is there suffice to say that fax to email in Mozambique plays an integral role when conducting business, as communication is key in any economy.

Communication on the African continent has been rather sporadic in the recent past, but with the advent of mobile devices, Africans are enjoying a whole new way of conducting business; this is especially true for those that need to run small and medium enterprises in the more rural and remote locales.

Mozambique boasts a limitless beauty, and is fast proving to be one of the top tourism destinations in the world. Naturally communication would then play a significant role in the world of tourism, as well as a broad spectrum of other industries.

Implementing email to fax  across the board has become a necessity and not a luxury for many Mozambican business people. The best part of all is that faxes are sent and received from any mobile device to and from anywhere in the world.

Faxunplugged is determined to help improve the communication standards of the Mozambican people.