Home Email to Fax

SO – Now you have your free and easy fax to email number, why not send faxes directly from your email?

How do I use home email to fax?

  1. Simply attach the document you are wanting to fax, to your email
  2. Insert the fax number
  3. Consider it faxed!
  4. Pay only for what you send.

How do I active my email to fax number?

Please send an email to support@integr8fax.com  requesting email to fax information and one of our dedicated support consultants will get back to you with the easy process.

If this is something you’re really interested in, then you need to read the fax solutions below;

Click on the image below to download the “How to Send faxes from email PDF“.

Home email to fax on the other hand is the perfect solution when sending an email to a fax number. It’s perfect for home use cause it’s well priced and a simple solution that offers little if no problems. This makes email to fax a must have in any household.

Email to fax how to download

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