Why A Home Solution

  • The introduction or advent of the home fax to email service is capable of linking a designated fax number directly to your email address and will deliver faxes straight into an inbox.
  • The beauty about this system is that everyone in the office can now have their own private fax numbers and will not have to share personal or confidential information with other individuals in the office.
  • Home fax solutions not only save time but they also save money, and they are instantaneous and also confidential.
  • Your faxes can be received on your iPhone, tablet or laptop anywhere in the world.
  • Your entire sales force will easily benefit from this amazing service  as they will be able to receive any urgent faxes while on the road, making this a portable form of communication at its very best.
  • This is indeed the most resourceful method of communicating.

Fax to email links a fax number directly to your inbox either by means of a PDF attachment or as a TIF and there is no limit on how many faxes you are allowed to send and receive.

What’s great about this is that there will be no more lost documents that are vital in order to run your office or business efficiently, as you will get yours delivered right into your inbox. There will always be the odd machines that are necessary to keep the office running smoothly such as printers and copiers besides a fax machine, so look at multi functional devices that will step in and do all the other necessary chores on your behalf.

Life in the workplace has never been better with the advent of home fax to email. Funny how we get used to technology and who would have thought?

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