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Globally, the need to consider the impact of technology on the environment is the basic premise upon which many operators within the ICT sector are constructing their strategies.

Primarily the motivation to organize and apply a ‘green’ technology strategy is based on a worldwide effort to contain or save costs. Service providers within Africa, Asia, Europe, South Africa and the US are now positioning this aspect as a key selling point of fax to email solutions.

Businesses today need to invest substantial amounts of money to conserve and sustain power supply as well as reduce the amount of wastage. Up until very recently the fax machine was considered a chief culprit in this regard.

Put into local context, the pressure on organizations to reduce wastage is compounded by external influences of on-going power cuts and load shedding. These issues are forcing users to save as much electricity as possible.

This creates opportunities in the IT industry to improve the environmental footprint, throughout the life cycle, of all products and services without any significant increase in price or impact on performance.

Why should companies go GREEN

Going green is easy to do with Fax Unplugged Fax to Email. There are currently 407 814 fax machines in South Africa. Most fax machines stay switched on 24/7 to enable incoming faxes to be received. During most of this time the machines are on standby. The average power consumption of fax machines when in standby mode is 8.15W².

When fax machines are in standby mode over 12 000 tonnes of CO2 emissions are generated. For electricity consumption it is in most cases impossible to identify with any certainty the source of generation that has been reduced or displaced when savings are made. For this reason the Climate Change Levy Negotiated Agreements and the ETS are using an average carbon intensity factor for the estimation of carbon dioxide emissions from the consumption of electricity. This has been fixed at 0.43 kg CO2/kWh3. CO2 emissions per fax machine per annum: 71.394 x 0.43 = 30.7kg.

Stats about fax machines in South Africa

  • Therefore, for all 407 814 fax machines in South Africa a total of 12 519 tonnes of CO2 emissions are generated.
  • On average each fax machine receives 3 735 fax pages a year based on 5 faxes a day each consisting of 2 to 3 pages amounting to 15 pages per day.
  • Each fax is copied at least once.
  • One tree produces on average, 16.674 reams of paper (8 333 sheets).
  • South Africa fax usage consumes over 300 thousand trees per annum.
  • Therefore 365 579 trees are consumed in South Africa by fax transmission and copying of faxes
each year.
  • Faxes in South Africa consume almost 1.5 thousand acres of trees per year.

Faxing with Fax to Email reduces the need for paper. Start going green today with Fax to Email!

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