Managed Fax Archiving for Business

One of the great features when signing up with Fax Unplugged free fax2email is our fax archiving, quite simply, we save every fax for a 5 year period on your behalf. Fax to email business solutions that have yet to be offered by other fax to email companies in South Africa.

It helps you to easily and effortlessly comply with the various Act’s for the archiving and retention of documentation and communications.

Advantages of fax archiving for your business

  • Prevent loss of data
  • Cost effective backup solutions for your company
  • your data and faxes are available for 90 days

By storing these records safely off-site, you would have a backup should anything happen to the record you save on your own computer. This is great insurance in the event of damage to or theft of your home or office based equipment.

All faxes that were received in the last 90 days will be available for immediate download.

Should you wish to download a fax that is older than 90 days, you can contact the 24 x 7 x 365 support department at Fax Unplugged and they will assist you. You can contact them via email (, fax (0860 888 888)

Faxes can be archived further by the corporate email archiving solution and therefore can be archived on site as well.

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