Managed Fax security

Security for fax transmissions is of the highest priority for fax users as faxes often contain confidential and sensitive information. With this in mind, Fax Unplugged developed the system with the highest level of security possible. From a platform perspective, security has been considered from the bottom up, to ensure that all layers of security are of the highest standard.  This is further complimented by way of 24/7/365 live monitoring of the platform to safe guard the technology from any potential hacks.

Advantages of fax security with Faxunplugged

All faxes are sent to our system over a Telkom Fax Line in the same way that a standard fax is received via a Telkom fax line. All faxes are encrypted with a standard fax encryption. Once a fax arrives at the Fax Unplugged Servers it is protected from outside hackers by a high-end firewall blocking intruders and hackers from accessing the system. This Firewall also prevents potential viruses from entering the system. Our Fax Unplugged Servers also employ Network Address Translation adding an extra level of security.

The Information is then kept on the Fax Server while the Server interacts with the Database Server over a secure network. Once the information required is obtained the Fax Server will convert the Fax into a .tiff file or PDF file (this format has been chosen as it cannot carry a virus) and archive it for resending purposes. From here the email is sent as a standard encrypted email to the recipients. It again passes through the firewall as well as Anti-Virus and Spam Filters to ensure the emails only contain the faxes as attachments.

Why fax security is critical

The security level is of such a nature that the administrators of the Fax Unplugged System cannot even view the content of these faxes.

The Fax Unplugged Servers store all the faxes running through our system. We have seen a need for this due to some e-mail services not being very reliable as well as some companies utilizing this as an audit trail. This resending ability is only restricted to faxes older than a week and these files are stored on the system not accessible by anyone.

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