Managed Fax to Email for Business

The Fax Unplugged Managed Fax to Email Solution enhances corporate productivity by automating inbound fax delivery directly to the relevant individual, department or application. It eliminates the need to constantly walk to fax machines to send or check for faxes.

 Our platform is stable, scalable, functionally rich and flexible in order to address any bespoke corporate requirements and as a result thereof, sophisticated integrations into 3rd party software. Fax Unplugged will ensure that best of breed technology is utilised and that the fax environment is at the cutting edge of technology at all times so that these benefits can be pasted down to our corporate customers.

 Fax Unplugged’ s Corporate Fax to email solutions is a hosted and managed fax solution which offers both inbound and outbound desktop faxing directly to or from the users email and/or 3rd party applications. Fax Unplugged has technical resources that have the required skills sets to integrate the fax solution into 3rd party applications in order to streamline the fax process and to ensure that faxed document’s arrive and are viewed in the chosen applications.

Full audit tracking of both received and sent faxes is available via email and via the various portals. These audit trials include the delivery status of sent and received faxes.

Inbound faxes are archived for five years in order to assist corporates in complying with various legislation around retention of documentation.

Fax sending costs are reduced by eliminating the need for printing of documents before they are faxed. Credit limits for outbound faxing can be allocated to both individuals and departments alike, in order to control expenditure and to ensure that the outbound service is not abused.

In addition, a further cost reduction in monthly Telco overheads is achieved by eradicating the requirement for a Telkom fax line.

Our offering makes provision for our services to be maintained on a pro-active basis, with 24/7/365 support, regular enhancements and improvements offering proactive value adds.

We endeavor to seamlessly address all faxing requirements of our corporate customers and illustrate our holistic managed fax solution offering, allowing our customers to benefit from the tangible reduction in associated overheads, and to benefit from enhanced and efficient service as a result.

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